Wednesday, March 24, 2010


FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE 發行了.

使用 7.2 的機器都建議升級到 7.3 或是 8.0 (下面是從 announcement email 裡面剪貼出來的內容)
The FreeBSD Security Team currently plans to support FreeBSD 7.3 until March 31st 2012. Users of FreeBSD 7.2 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to either FreeBSD 7.3 or FreeBSD 8.0 before the FreeBSD 7.2 End of Life on June 30th 2010. For more information on the Security Team and their support of the various FreeBSD branches see:

升級的方法很簡單, 使用 freebsd-upgrade 這個工具就可以, 基本上就是下面幾個步驟,
# freebsd-update upgrade -r 7.3-RELEASE
# freebsd-update install (這步驟會把 kernel 裝進去)
# shutdown -r now  (重新開機, 變成新的 kernel)
# freebsd-update install  (把其他的元件裝進去)
# shutdown -r now  (再重新開機一次, 大功告成)
如果是 6.x 也可以這樣幹, 不過最後要重新把 ports 裝的軟體重新編譯一次. 詳細的東西就看 release notes 囉 ~~

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