Thursday, November 14, 2013

荷蘭情報機關準備對 IP 網路進行大規模監聽

Dutch secret service prepares for wiretapping of IP networks on a large scale!


In Summary:

The Dutch AIVD (dutch NSA counterpart) has ordered equipment to wiretap IP links for €17 million. Doing "undirected" surveillance is currently only legal in the Netherlands for signals that are not carried over cables (eg broadcast signals). With this move, the agency is anticipating a law change, which will allow it to wiretap cables to do undirected (mass) surveillance.

荷蘭情報機關已經採購類似美國情報局的設備, 以便對於網路與電話進行監聽. 雖然目前該行為仍然為法令所禁止, 但是情報主管認為該法令已經過時.

So... finally, it comes...

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